Mutual Fund Investments 101:                                Exceptional Performances

All investment data reports (as shown below) on 24 Equity/Stock and 11 Bond mutual funds are gathered from reliable sources (Lipper, Market Watch, etc.). Analysis of mutual fund performances, and returns are based on December year-end data. The mutual fund ticker symbol and prospectus will validate all the reports. Here is the factual pages (except name of mutual fund, ticker, phone and address) of 1 of the 35 reports from Mutual Fund Investments 101: Exceptional Performances.

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 Investing & Reinvesting Model

Investment Fund Category:

Equity Income

Total mutual funds in this category: 555

Fund’s objective seeks current income and long–term growth of common stocks middle size in large size companies usually pay above-average dividend income and yet, undervalued relative to other stocks. Usually the fund will invest minimum of 80% of its assets in equity securities.

As the December 30, 2016, the average return performance for this category was 14.08% 

Pioneer Equity Income A - PEQIX
Pioneer Equity Income Fund
60 State Street
Boston, MA 02109
     Risk: Average
Minimum Investment Purchase: $1000 
Minimum IRA Purchase: $250
Maximum Front End Sales Load: 5.75%
Maximum Deferred Sales Load: no load
Date of Inception: July 24, 1990
Number of Years of Gains: 23
Number of Years of Losses: 4
Net Expense Ratio: 1.06% %
Category Average Net Expense Ratio: 1.07%

Year: 2017
Net Asset Value: $35.79
 Dividend Distribution: $1.97 6.00%
Performance: 8.95%
Total Return: 14.95%
Year: 2016
Net Asset Value: $32.85
 Dividend Distribution: $4.47 14.27%
Performance: 4.89%
Total Return: 19.15%
Year: 2015
Net Asset Value: $31.32
Dividend Distribution: $3.13 9.11%
Performance: -8.85%
Total Return: 0.26%
Year: 2014
Net Asset Value: $34.36
 Dividend Distribution: $4.14 12.15%
Performance: 0.67%
Total Return: 12.82%
Year: 2013
Net Asset Value: $34.13
 Dividend Distribution: $2.94 10.22%
Performance: 18.67%
Total Return: 28.89%

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