Mutual Fund Investments 101     

Are you planning to build a wealth of savings for retirement years. To best accomplish the goal, investments with proven long-term record of gains (money tree) have to be found and included in the financial portfolio. The search is over!

Mutual Fund Investments 101 provides factual data on who are successful mutual funds with factual data of their returns for 5 years (2013 thru 2017). The average 5-year return for 23 equity stock mutual funds is 15.15%,  75.75% accumulated. The average 5-year return for 10 bond mutual funds is 4.00% or 20.00% accumulated. There are 33 exclusive and detailed mutual fund reports of performances, gains & losses since inception, distributions of income/capital gains, and annual returns.

All data was collected, analyzed and reported as of the market close of December 29, 2017. All mutual funds are open to anyone and can be purchased for an individual account or Individual Retirement Account.                         

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Here is example of  vital investment data listed in the book.  The below mutual fund is in the General & Insured Bond category



  YTD 5/9/18

4.09 -0.75%   *1%  
   1 year


2.50%  15%

   3 years

5.76% 2.54%   2%

   5 years     

4.51% 2.37%    2%

                                                                                                                              source:  the Wall Street Journal                                                                 rank: *1% Best – 100% Worst. in Category      

Investment facts are provided from extensive research and the author does not give legal or tax advice. Further, he does not sell nor receives any compensation from any mutual fund. You, the reader, make the decision of what investment you want to purchase from the options listed in the book.

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