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This is your opportunity to build wealth in your retirement or savings portfolio. There are 33 comprehensive and exclusive financial 4-page reports providing a description of the investment mutual fund and investment category. Complete mutual fund name with the ticker symbol, investment minimum purchase, IRA minimum purchase, risk, years of gains vs. losses, etc. There is a 5-year analysis of performance, net asset value, income distribution, etc. As of September 14, 2018, twenty three Mutual Fund Investments: Average YTD return $$$ 8.42% - Annualized 3-year average returns $$$ 14.60% - Annualized 5-year average returns $$$ 12.18%. Ten Bond Mutual Funds: Average YTD return $$$ -0.13% - Annualized 3-year average returns $$$ 4.09% - 5-year average returns $$$ 4.72%. All of these are "profitable" mutual funds in 33 investment categories.  Many investments are no-load (no fees). You can contact all 33 mutual funds via 800 phone number or website to receive investment application forms. Isn't this the kind of information you want and need? It's yours for the low price of the paperback or kindle!

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