Retirement Investments 101: Mutual Funds

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Welcome to my website which provides unique, current and valuable data on mutual funds. My name is King Kovacs and I am the owner and founder of Mutual Interest Data Service, Ltd. In addition, I am the CEO and Executive Administrator of the financial website,, which is an outgrowth of the company.  My forte is mutual fund investment fact finding on the Internet.  Before establishing the business, in the early 90′s, I did extensive research in researching mutual funds that fulfilled three criteria: 1) average or low risk, 2) above average performance, and 3) distribution of large dividends. I am not employed or compensated by any mutual fund. I present all of the facts, free of charge, to promote and sell my authored paperback, "Retirement Investments 101: Mutual Funds". I have written professional articles on mutual funds for Ezine such as: Long-Term Investments for Retirement Planning, Smart Investments to Make for Retirement, Building the Best IRA Portfolio for Your Retirement, and Strike while the Iron is Hot. 

Mutual Interest Data Service, Ltd.
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